Hysterics is a blog (and podcast!), highlighting bodies outside the “norm.”

Alongside her own journey, Kate features other women and gender nonconforming folks voicing their experiences living in bodies often disregarded and misunderstood.

Hysterics Episode Four: Vessels + Rituals with Allison Cochran

In the latest episode of Hysterics, ceramic artist Allison Cochran talks us through her body of work that explores our eating habits and the strained, if not dangerous relationship that we can have with food. With pieces entitled “to portion,” “to purge,” and “to spit out,” Allison transforms the innocent eating vessel into a tool and accomplice. Her work asks the question of what is “normal” when it comes to food, drawing attention to how control manifests in our eating habits.

This is the second installment in a series of episodes in which ceramics artists discuss the ways that bodies, their own or our cultural perceptions of them, impact their work - and how their work is effected by the bodies of those that view or use them.



Closing the Chapter on Diagnosis


I finally found a diagnosis, a doctor I trust, and the closure I’ve needed. Now its time to get to work rebuilding the aspects of my life that I’ve lost.

Youtube creator and disability advocate Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Youtube creator and disability advocate Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Reclaiming Hysteria: Disability Advocates have embraced Youtube - but the feeling isn’t mutual.

Demonetization and algorithm bias can dramatically affect the income of disabled creators seeking to raise awareness and share their stories.


About Kate


Kate Averett is a writer and podcaster sparking unique discussion at the intersections of gender, disability, chronic and mental illness. Kate received her MA in Art History from UNC Chapel Hill with a focus on representations of hysteria in horror films and popular culture.



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